Windows and Office deployment lab kitLearn how to work with Endpoint (Configuration) Manager with Windows and Office deployment lab kit!

There could be some situations when you need to learn how to work with Endpoint Manager. Not only this from Cloud, but also with this one which we have on the on-premise environment.

Creating an environment from the beginning takes much time and you need to know how to do this.

What if Microsoft provided something special for us, which can help you learn how to work with Endpoint Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics, and many other features?

They have created something which is named Windows and Office deployment lab kit, which can be found here.

In a couple of words, what we can find in this lab?

As I said earlier, all basic things are configured. Everything you need to do is create a test tenant for Azure AD, obtain some trial licenses and start learning and working with that lab.

What you can learn in this lab?

Plan and prepare infrastructure

Prepare configuration

Prepare applications

Deploy Windows 10

Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop

As you can see, there are many things which you can learn. From my perspective, I learned a lot from that lab and it is absolutely worthy of your time if you want to learn something about Endpoint Manager