Microsoft Exams - 50 percent discount. New Cloud Skill Challenge!Boost your career and grab a 50% discount to the next exam!

Last time when I wrote about Microsoft exams that were a post with free vouchers. Now I want to show you that there is a possibility to get a 50% discount on the next exam if you finish one of Cloud Skills Challenge.

There are multiple challenges to finish, but to receive the discount, you should finish only one. So, take a seat, click get started of one on the challenge, and grab this discount!

For now, there are 8 challenges to finish:

After enrolling in the challenge, you have only 30 days to finish this challenge. When you finish at the proper time, after three days you should receive a discount.

So, don’t waste your time, register it HERE!!

And if you’re interested what exam you can take after completing challenges:

Because I love PowerShell and Microsoft graph I decided to finish Microsoft 365 developer challenge.