Microsoft Exams - Free vouchers for exams. Version for November 2020 Everyone loves free vouchers for exams!

Usually, when we want to try to pass the Microsoft exam we need to pay for it. Depending of the country, it’s a bunch of money. For Poland, it is 110$. This is a lot of money.

But what if we don’t have money and we want to start passing the exams? Microsoft is giving us help hand!

There is something like Microsoft Virtual Training Days!

You need to open this webpage: and try to find a proper event for you.

For now, you can receive a free voucher for:

And if you’re impacted by COVID-19 you can check this link: to get the possibility to pass the exam which will be cost only 15$.

Earlier, there was a possibility to receive a voucher for any of the exam if you’re attending on Microsoft Build event.

If I receive new information about free vouchers - I will create a new blog post about it. Thanks!